Putting people first is what we do. We find candidates that align with the culture and beliefs of the business they’re being recruited for. 

Even though the Food & Drink industry is beginning to get back on its feet, working from home remains a hot topic for many in the industry. But while the government still advises that employers implement working from home where they can, we believe that onboarding employees is a little trickier than usual.  

It can seem much harder to integrate into a business when you can’t be around the people that you work with, especially if you’re in an isolated role.  


Companies that put their people first thrive.  

Having your team onboard with what your company stands for is priceless. It’s not all about getting people into action as soon as possible, it’s about familiarising them with the purpose, culture and values of the business too.  

It is fundamental that all new employees feel welcomed, prepared, equipped and part of the team.  

With that in mind, we’ve put together some of our top tips for introducing new team members, when you aren’t able to be in the office. 

  • Keep in touch once the job offer has been accepted. Even if it’s an email or text every now and then to say, “we’re looking forward to having you onboard.” 
  • Provide the tools for the job before their first day of work, making them feel at ease and ready to go.  
  • Keep to the induction process, even if it’s by video call. Some presentation slides will help you to make the induction consistent for everyone. Make sure they understand your business and how you work. 
  • Don’t overwhelm them with information in the first few days, allow them time to do their own research and keep the induction engaging. Tell them about the layers behind your business, not just your products and services.  
  • Introduce a virtual team tea-break. Welcome the new team members on the call and have an informal chat with all of the team. This will give the new employee a chance to get to know people better. Introduce them to key people they will be working with closely on quick calls, kind of like showing them around the desks in the office. 
  • Check in, but don’t check up. When working from home, lots of people can feel like they’re being checked up on by their employer. Make sure you check in with your employee to see how they’re doing and if there’s anything they need, without them feeling pressured.  

We are specialist recruiters for the FMCG industry. We know the ins and outs, the culture, and the quirks of it all. We’re all about helping people to understand the bigger purpose of your business.  

If you’re in our industry and need support with onboarding team members, give our team a shout on, 07920 578 605 or email info@marvelfmcg.co.uk