Supporting our candidates

For the next few months, we’ll be doing a series on the importance of feedback, based around the feedback we have received from both our candidates and clients. Feedback is crucially important whether you are a client wanting to ensure the role is an attractive proposition and as a candidate job hunting.   Through discussions on […]

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Have you heard of Sundowning?

We donate money to Alzheimer’s Society, a charity that’s incredibly close to our hearts, you can read why, here.   From our own personal experience we know that as the nights draw in and our days get much shorter, it can be extremely unsettling for those with Alzheimer’s. Here we explain why, how you can spot the signs […]

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We’re almost there!

If you keep updated with what we’re up to, you’ll know we’ve been pursuing our Pending B Corp certification. And guess what, we’re almost there. We are officially a Pending B Corp, and will be working towards our full B Corp certification once Marvel FMCG is a year old. Exciting times are ahead, we look […]

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Six months of Marvel FMCG!

Seems like a lifetime for us! We have loved every second of setting up and establishing Marvel FMCG and are so excited about the journey ahead. We’ve spoken to our two co-founders, Rich Howell and Lucy Reeves about their first six months…    Rich Howell, Founder  “What a great start to our business. We set […]

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Preventing Alzheimer’s – top tips

Preventing Alzheimer’s – top tips  Believe it or not, Alzheimer’s shouldn’t be something we expect to happen to us if we reach an older age. It should not be considered inevitable.  So we wanted to put the top tips of preventing Alzheimer’s disease into one helpful  list.    There’s a strong link between Cardiovascular disease and […]

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What are the early signs of dementia?

We work closely with Alzheimer’s Society as it’s a charity incredibly close to our hearts. Read why here. We’ve collated the early signs of dementia, so that you can easily identify them if you need to.  Don’t forget, dementia is not a natural part of ageing, so the signs shouldn’t be treated as such.  Here’s what […]

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Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion Last month, we wrote this blog about unconscious bias and hinted that we will be looking to announce our approach to addressing it in our business soon.  Now, we’re delighted to announce our Diversity & Inclusion strategy, which will be a phased approach until we get to where we want to be.   Why is it so important […]

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What is unconscious bias?

What is unconscious bias? By definition:   How a person thinks can depend on their life experiences and sometimes they have beliefs and views about other people that might not be right or reasonable.  This is known as ‘unconscious bias’ and includes when a person thinks:   better of someone because they believe they’re alike  less of […]

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Have you heard about B Corp?

We are driven by a bigger purpose: Always giving back  That’s why we have started our exciting and ambitious journey to be the first FMCG recruitment company, certified by B Corp. This isn’t an afterthought, our business was created with this goal in mind, to be motivated by things so much bigger than money. To […]

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