As you may have realised, last week was Dementia Awareness week, this year Alzheimer’s Society shone a spotlight on the horrors of the UK social care system. Almost 1 million people with dementia and their families are not receiving the support and care that they need.

Our Founder Rich and his Mum faced these challenges in caring for his Dad when he had dementia, getting carers, advice and support was an ongoing struggle.

Decades of underfunding of the social care system has meant that care is difficult and costly to access. UK families now find themselves facing incredibly difficult decisions and having to sell their homes to pay for care. NHS care is free at the point of use and is delivered according to need, dementia care needs to be provided on the same principle.

At least 70% of care home residents and approximately 60% of domiciliary care users have some form of dementia, reform plans for social care must prioritise the needs of people affected by dementia.

More than 35,000 people with dementia has died of Covid-19, and people living with dementia have experienced signification deterioration in their condition due in large part to interrupted health and social care.

Post Covid-19 it is incredibly important that the injustices of the care system are addressed. While dementia isn’t curable yet, the care system is.  

We were driven to create Marvel FMCG to give back and support the work that Alzheimer’s Society is doing to help people and their families that are impacted by dementia. It would mean a lot to us if you could take 1 minute to sign the petition calling on the Government to cure the care system by committing to:

Please click here and sign the petition.


*The facts detailed here were taken from Alzheimer’s Society website, please click here for further information.

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