When we announced our Diversity & Inclusion Strategy a couple of months ago, we set out a three-phased approach to get to where we want to be. Of course, these things can’t happen overnight – its importance means that time needs to be taken to get it right.  

We are absolutely thrilled to say that the first phase of our strategy has now been fully implemented, and is just standard practice in our day to day operations. Was it easy? Not always, but it has definitely been the right thing to do.   

So, what did we do? 

Well first of all, we started our campaign to #BreakTheHabit because implementing this strategy meant we needed to change the way we thought, as well as our clients and candidates. It was about stepping recognising that the standard way the recruitment works has to change.  

In the first phase, we removed all information from candidate CVs which would make the client aware of their age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and socio-economic background. By doing this, it meant everyone was given an equal opportunity to get an interview.  

We also tackled the topic of unconscious bias, and made our clients aware of what it is and how it can come up in the recruitment process, as well as ensuring all of our team completed unconscious bias training. All of our job advertisements have a statement confirming our commitment to diversity on them, showing how important it is to us, and giving candidates confidence in our process.   

And what next? 

 Next is phase 2. This phase is all about trying to increase the diversity of candidates within the FMCG sector. We will be asking clients to share their diversity profile and key objectives with us, so that we can support them to achieve their goals. 

We want to assess the impact that blind CVs have had on the candidates that we have placed since starting the process. We will look at the baseline of our candidates and looking evaluate the changes in diversity, to ensure that what we’re doing is working. 

We’re ready for phase 2! Lets get it. 



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