Marvel FMCG Social and Environmental Advisory Board


At Marvel FMCG we take the impact that we have on the environment and society seriously, and we want to get this right from the start. That is why we have decided for form an Environmental and Social Advisory Board and we are looking for volunteers to join us.

Photo Credited: Dimitry Anikin

The role of an Advisory Board Member will be to make suggestions based on your experience and knowledge of how we can improve our environmental and social impact. We want the Advisory Board to be diverse drawing from across the FMCG sector, and are looking for people with an interest in having a positive impact on society and the environment.

The Board will meet twice a year virtually to discuss Marvel FMCG’s current environmental and social performance and what changes could be implemented to improve this.

We want this Board to be highly effective and impactful to the work that we are doing to enable Marvel FMCG to truly be a business that is a force for good. If you are interested in becoming an Advisory Board Member we would love to hear from you please email

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