Over the years, the way businesses think has become more conscious. There’s a world around us that needs our help, and businesses are the ones who can make the biggest difference.  

Of course, consumer demand plays a huge role. “Conscious buyer” isn’t just a buzz phrase, it’s a reality. Whether that’s choosing to, or not to buy from certain businesses, or aligning personal beliefs with that of the company you choose to work for, it’s here and it’s staying.   

It’s about stopping, considering and changing. All actions businesses take can impact people, the planet and the future.  



Stop and think about it. As a recruitment company, we often see that competitor businesses are motivated by money. And solely that. Of course, businesses need to make money to survive, but can’t that be part of a bigger picture? 


We think it can. So, when setting up our own business, we made it our duty to give it a bigger purpose. ‘Always giving back’. It’s about us taking a stand to think about how what we do impacts everything around us.  


Of course, it’s good to be considerate. It’s still hard in the world we live in to get everything right, so sometimes it’s about ensuring that the good far outweighs the bad. As an example, we have made it our goal to offset our carbon footprint.  

Change is the most important part. Stopping and considering doesn’t make an impact if you don’t implement real changes that make a difference.  


Practice don’t preach…  

We truly are a disruptor in the recruitment industry. Driven by something much bigger than money, we focus on giving back. Our business was purpose built with an objective to always give back to charity.  

 Our goal for our first year of trading is to donate £7,000 to Alzheimer’s Society, a charity very close to our hearts, you can read why we have chosen this charity here 

We do this by donating the equivalent of 1% of each successfully placed candidate’s salary from our own profits to Alzheimer’s UK. And so far, we’re on track to reach our target.  

 So, if you’re in the business of giving back, work with people with the same ambitions. Give us a call on 07920 578 605 or email info@marvelfmcg.co.uk to talk to us about working together and changing the industry for good.  

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