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Careers for everyone

We’re all different. Some of us do triathlons for fun. Some of us collect porcelain ducks. Some of us are annoyed about all the porcelain ducks dotted around the house. The point is, all of our differences should be respected at work and everyone deserves to have a brilliant career in an equitable and inclusive workplace.

Equity, diversity & inclusion

Nobody should have to worry about who they are, at work or anywhere else. People don’t fit into one convenient box or process, so why does the recruitment process try so hard to make them? We want to fix the outdated one-size-fits-all recruitment system and build something that helps everyone have the career they deserve.

We never place candidates based on vague notions of whether they “fit in”. We work with candidates and clients to match values, skills, experience, potential and passion for the role and for the company.

Our recruitment approach

At Marvel, we don’t just talk about EDI. We do EDI every single day and we encourage our clients to do the same.

  • We always submit anonymous candidate CVs, without exception. We recognise the power of bias, and anonymising candidate CVs helps to reduce this in the hiring process.

  • We proactively help our clients close historical pay gaps by giving them the option to remove current salaries from candidate CVs and not disclosing them during the process.

  • CVs aren’t fit for today’s working world because they create huge barriers to inclusive hiring. We’ve developed a new recruitment process to offer an alternative to the CV.


Recruitment should be inclusive and accessible for everyone. We're commited to having hiring processes that give everyone the best possible chance to have the career they deserve.

We actively encourage candidates from all backgrounds, and we will always accommodate your needs at every stage of the recruitment process - whether that's additional time to complete assessments, alternative application methods, access to interview questions or a guide before your interview.

Our 2024 EDI commitments

  • We’ve invested in a six-month inclusive and accessible recruitment training programme for everyone at Marvel.

  • Sharing our findings on inclusive recruitment and working with our clients to develop their own best practice.

  • Looking at both our internal and external recruitment process helps ensure inclusion and equity and controls bias.

  • Committed to making our candidate experience accessible, guaranteeing adjustments or accommodations at every step.

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