Team Marvel

Doing greater good recruitment means building a good company full of good people. Here’s how we’ve gone about it.

Our story

Marvel Founders Lucy & Rich

Lucy met Rich at the side of a rugby pitch, after watching him and her husband Kai play at the local club. When Rich decided to start his own recruitment company, it became slightly/abundantly* clear that he needed some help getting Marvel off the ground. Lucy stepped in to help, and she’s been getting him out of trouble ever since.

Marvel is what happens when you bring together Lucy’s background of talent and L&D in the charity sector with Rich’s talent for recruitment. There’s the desire to do great recruitment and improve the reputation of the industry, alongside a commitment to show that you can put people before profit and grow a successful business too.

Lots has happened in our first few years of Marvel. We’ve hired new people, we’ve moved offices (twice), oh and we’ve lived through an unprecedented global pandemic. We’re hoping that more great stuff will happen in the years to come. Not the pandemics, though. We could do without those.

*depending on whether you ask Rich or Lucy

Our team

Everyone who joins the team wants to change the way recruitment is done for the better. And everyone who joins the team has a fairly weird backstory.

Want to chat?

Talk to us. We’re nice. Honest.

*On LinkedIn, not in real life (we have a terrible sense of direction)