Diversity & Inclusion

Last month, we wrote this blog about unconscious bias and hinted that we will be looking to announce our approach to addressing it in our business soon. 

Now, we’re delighted to announce our Diversity & Inclusion strategy, which will be a phased approach until we get to where we want to be.  

Why is it so important to us? 

For us, we are aware that there is a huge amount of unidentified bias decisions made when it comes to sourcing candidates. The fact is, every person has unconscious bias, usually driven by their own preferences, you can take this test to find out what yours are so that you can address them in future. We believe it’s important to find a diverse pool of candidates where possible, and ultimately, find the person who will be most talented for the role.  

How do we aim to do it? 

Our first step is to improve our outreach to underrepresented communities, remove details from candidate CVs which may give away information about their identity, and give clients the opportunity to discuss their own strategies with us. We’re also ensuring that all the Marvel FMCG team undergo unconscious bias training, so we can always be aware of them in our own decision making. 

What do we hope to achieve? 

As a company that’s established with the intention of improving the practices of the recruitment industry, we hope that others follow. We aim to deliver equal opportunities no matter a candidate’s age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation or socio-economic background. 

If you’re a current or prospective client, we would love to partner with you on your own Diversity & Inclusion strategies, so we can help you achieve your goals. Alongside that, we’ll be switching up candidate CVs from now on. 

If you’re a candidate, please ensure you complete your Diversity & Inclusion details on our candidate portal by logging in or registering on our website, we can’t put you forward without it! We’ll also work with you on your CV to ensure there’s no identifying information in there. 

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